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Eat Right Overview

Author: Wellintune Staff

A balanced diet can make a big difference in our overall health and well-being.  When we consume the right balance of calories and nutrients we feel better and have more energy.  In addition, learning to make healthy food choices and watching portion sizes are important steps in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

At Wellintune, eating right means following an eating plan that fits your lifestyle, preferences, current health status and activity level.  Understanding how many calories you consume and burn daily, while watching your weight at least weekly, are critical factors in keeping your weight under control.  Wellintune tools will help you determine your personal daily, calorie requirements.  By using our tracking tools, you will become more aware of calories consumed versus burned and be better able to manage your weight.

Building the case for change

Let food be thy medicine. This quote attributed to Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, more than two thousand years ago has never been more relevant than it is today.  More and more studies are finding that one of the best things we can do for our health is to make smarter choices regarding the foods that we eat.  We also know that most of us are fairly passive about taking control of our diets.  We allow our food choices to be influenced by external cues such as commercial messaging, our friends and family and even the size of plates we use.  To create a healthy diet, we need to acquire what we call eating competency skills.  Healthy eating begins with understanding the importance of caloric balance and portion control, learning the practice of mindful eating, and taking responsibility for the choices we make regarding the types of food that we eat.

Unhealthy food choices contribute to obesity, increase our risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.  What may be even more motivating to change the way we eat, however, are the amazing health benefits that can result when we embrace a whole-foods, plant based diet.

How do you create an environment that supports healthy eating?

Make better choices easier by having a variety of healthy foods on hand that are easy to prepare.  When possible, try to buy produce grown locally.  Farmers’ markets and co-ops are great sources to try.  Finally, remember that eating engages all of our senses.   Create food and surroundings that make eating a pleasurable experience.

Follow the Wellintune Action Plan: 

o   Use the Wellintune BMI calculator click here and see if you are at a healthy weight.  If not, set a weight goal in the “My Account” section of the website and read “Right Size Your Body”.

o   If you are already at an ideal weight, look to see if you need to reduce the amount of processed food you consume, or if you can incorporate a greater variety of whole foods into your eating plan.

o    Embracing a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for your health and the environment.  If you do eat meat, limit your meat consumption to grass-fed, wild meats.

o   The Wellintune approach to eating right means adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet.  Try reducing your intake of animal products and highly processed foods, and drink alcohol in moderation.  You will feel better and be on the road to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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Eat Right Overview

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