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Author: Wellintune Staff

Much has been written about the influence of others in shaping our attitudes, perceptions and actions.   We know we are more likely to engage in a behavior, healthy or not, if those who surround us support that behavior.  We also know that social support becomes even more critical when we are trying to change a behavior.  Seeking the support of others on our journey to better health can result in positive peer pressure, increased accountability, constructive feedback, and access to collective wisdom which usually yields superior results over individual efforts. 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have face-to-face relationships that can function as a support network when we decide to modify our lifestyle choices.  Online communities can provide social support for those of us making a health change.  Social support is crucial to successful behavior change and will empower you to make healthier choices, as well as you exerting positive influence on the decisions of others.

Connecting with others has even greater benefits when we take on the role of volunteer.  Research shows that volunteering can improve your own physical and mental health.  If you are not already volunteering, find a worthy cause and figure out how you can help.

The Role of Health Champions in Behavior Change

A Health Champion is someone who has figured out how to live a balanced and healthy life while faced with many of the same obstacles and challenges many of us cannot seem to overcome.  Health Champions know that taking care of themselves allows them to be high performers at work and in their personal lives.  They can serve as our role models, mentors and coaches. 

Most Health Champions are eager to share their strategies for making healthy choices the norm. When asked, Health Champions can usually point to someone in their past, who inspired them to make lifestyle changes and are often willing to pay it forward.  Find someone who can be your Health Champion and ask for help.  If you are a Health Champion, congratulations!  Find ways to share your success with others.  Health Champions serve as important resources in behavior change efforts.

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